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Owner FAQ's


1. What can I as an owner expect from WVR?

WVR only represents Landlords. As Landlord’s Agent, WVR will represent Landlord exclusively exercising the highest duty of care provided for under Colorado Real Estate Law…and in so doing, WVR shall treat Tenants as customers…a party to the transaction with whom WVR has no brokerage relationship. To find out more, view: Brokerage Duties/Landlord Agency form here.

2. In addition to Leasing Services, what other property and or maintenance services can WVR provide and what is the cost of such services?

Having operated in Summit County for several decades, WVR has valuable relationships with all of the trades customarily called for in the management of rental property. In addition, WVR has a team of 20+ personnel (as well as an affiliated property management company) who are frequently called upon to provide a cost effective first line of service. To learn more about WVR’s rates and services please view our Rate Schedule or call us for more information about your particular needs.